Riding motorcycle

The Basics of Motorcycle Insurance

In  New Jersey, almost any wheeled device used for transportation, with an engine attached, has to be licensed and any licensed vehicle as to have insurance.  In most cases, it is obvious what a motorcycle is, but even a bicycle or tricycle with a motor attached is considered a motorized cycle in the state. The state definition says it must have a motor and seat to require licensing. At Keller Insurance Services in West Deptford, NJ, you can get all your motorcycle insurance questions answered and then get the insurance you need.

The insurance is similar to that of automobiles. Basic liability insurance is required. In New Jersey. There is “basic” insurance which meets legal requirements but does not offer much protection. “Standard” insurance is what most people get and that is more like car insurance. There is liability coverage that is required, bodily injury coverage, and you have the option of adding more coverage as well.

Similar to auto insurance, you may add collision and comprehensive to your coverage. Collision covers your bike if you have an accident and comprehensive covers everything else. You may also raise the amount of coverage above the minimums that are required.

You must have proof of insurance with you at all times while driving your motorcycle. It is also required to wear a helmet while riding. Having proof of insurance is called “establishing financial responsibility,” which is what the state law requires.

You can visit Keller Insurance Services in West Deptford, NJ in person, or online, and get expert advice on the best coverage for your motorcycle.  New customers can find out what is required and find the best policy for their situation. If you have automobiles and motorcycles you could consider a package deal. Current customers should stop by to update their policy if they get a new motorcycle. You will have to have insurance before you can register the motorcycle in New Jersey.