Auto and Recreational Vehicle Insurance in NJ

The Facts About New Jersey Auto Insurance

When you live in Mantua, New Jersey or the surrounding areas of Mickelton and Mullica, it is important to take your time and find the right auto insurance coverage to protect your car. The state of New Jersey requires every driver to obtain an insurance policy, though the exact amount and plan that is most appropriate will vary.

Minimum Requirements

In the state of New Jersey, the minimum requirement is a basic policy, which provides $15,000 for personal injury protection, property damage of up to $5,000 and several additional options. Although bodily injury liability is only available as an option, the state recommends that every driver considers some protection for other drivers in case they cause an accident.

Although the minimum requirements are not substantial, it is possible to obtain a standard plan or more comprehensive coverage that protects a driver from further losses.

Finding the Best Rates

Regardless of the amount of coverage you select for your vehicle, it is possible to pay a fair rate by comparing your choices online. When you compare auto insurance quotes online, take your time to select the protection plan that is most affordable and appropriate for your needs, concerns and goals.

Before you assume that the best rates is the first option you see, talk to an independent agency and find out more details about your options and potential discounts that may apply to your account. As your independent agent, we are able to offer advice and suggestions that can bring your rate down with discounts and options that the insurers provide.

Talking to an independent agency like Keller Insurance Services will allow you to talk directly to an agent and learn more about your options, coverage plans and methods of bringing down your rate without sacrificing your financial security if an accident occurs. To learn more about auto coverage in New Jersey, contact us today to talk to a local agent.


The state of New Jersey requires that every resident with a motorcycle obtain a minimum of the basic insurance plan for the bike. The basic plan includes personal injury coverage and property liability, though additional liability is available to add to the plan.

Always insure your motorcycle to protect it from damage if an accident occurs on the road. Residents of Mickelton, Mullica or any other area of the state are required to have some form of coverage.

Boat Protection

Boat insurance is designed to protect your boat and finances when you are enjoying a sailing trip, fishing or other boating activities. The coverage will pay for damages to your ship, repairs to the motor, liability if an individual is injured while on the boat or damage to other property due to an accident.

Although insurance is not necessary to register the boat in the state, it is recommended for every boater due to the possibility of accidents or damage while the ship is in the water.