Commercial Auto Insurance in NJ

About New Jersey Commercial Auto Insurance

If you’re running a business in New Jersey, you might benefit from commercial auto insurance to protect both your vehicles and your staff. Auto insurance is required by law in NJ, and business vehicles need more protection in case of accidents. With commercial auto insurance in NJ, your business will be guarded with higher coverage limits than personal policies.

Whether your company needs to cover its entire fleet or a few individual trucks and service vans, we can create a policy that meets your personal requirements.

Types of Coverage

At Keller Insurance Services, we offer a range of coverage plans. Here are some examples of the types of protection we provide:

Liability Protection

Your business will be covered if an employee causes a road accident during working hours.

Personal loss

Any medical expenses will be covered, and it provides uninsured motorists coverage to all individuals insured by the policy.

Property Loss

This covers the costs of any repairs needed to your vehicle. It also provides replacement vehicles and covers the cost of rental vehicles while you are waiting for repairs.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage helps pay to repair or replace your vehicle if it has been in an accident with another vehicle, or has collided with another object, such as a tree or sign.

Comprehensive Coverage

If you have comprehensive auto insurance, you can file a claim for an accident even if you were at fault. It also protects you as a driver and can cover damages you cause to your own vehicle.

Why is Commercial Auto Insurance in NJ Important?

Commercial auto insurance in NJ is important, whether it’s for one business vehicle or an entire fleet of trucks. It’s essential to protect your business and provide coverage for all types of commercial vehicles. Without being adequately covered by commercial auto insurance, your business could be at risk.

Insurance protects you financially and ensures the safety of your drivers. You’ll be covered for any costs of damages and repairs and all medical expenses.

Why Choose Keller Insurance Services?

At Keller Insurance Services, we offer commercial auto insurance in NJ to businesses of all sizes. We provide a tailored service to each client, and our expert team has experience dealing with a range of companies, from sole-proprietors with one truck, to larger businesses with an entire fleet.

We don’t go through middlemen; we provide direct carrier contracts. This not only saves you time and money, but it means we are able to decide what is best for our clients. We pride ourselves on customer service and understand that every case is different.

Talk to an agent directly at Keller Insurance Services to find out more details about your options. Our friendly team can provide expert advice on types of coverage, and help you select the perfect protection plan that’s the most affordable and appropriate for your business. If you’re looking for the best deal on commercial auto insurance in NJ, get a quote today.