Commercial Insurance in NJ

The Facts About New Jersey Commercial Insurance

Purchasing business insurance from Keller Insurance Services allows you to invest in the protection you need at the most affordable price. In the West Deptford area, we are an independent agency serving the needs of most types of businesses. As an independent agency, we work for you, providing aid in locating the best coverage for your business from multiple insurance providers.

New Jersey Commercial General Liability Insurance

Adequate CGL protection is necessary for nearly all businesses. Professional protection is necessary for those providing a service, such as a dentist or doctor. However, even as a retailer, it is important to have liability protection to protect against lawsuits stemming from falls, faulty products, and employee mistakes. Lawsuits can be very expensive for even a large business to cover. Liability protection helps you to avoid those risks.

New Jersey Commercial Property Insurance

For those businesses in Mickelton and Mullica, as well as the surrounding area, having property insurance protects your assets, including equipment, buildings, and computers from risks such as fire, flooding, and loss of business. Going without it puts your business at risk for financial loss from a single storm.

New Jersey Business Owner Package

These are some of the most important business coverage types most organizations need. However, to keep costs down, business owner package, or BOP, can help to reduce costs. It allows you to lump together the protections you need and to keep your costs lower as a result.

As your independent agency, Keller Insurance Services works with you to find the most appropriate, cost effective insurance protection for all of your business needs. You can get started by giving us a call to compare rates from numerous commercial insurance providers at one time. Get free, no obligation quotes and let our team help you to find the right types of coverage for your needs.

A requirement under state law, commercial auto insurance coverage provides protection for your vehicle, one of your business’s largest assets in some cases. Whether you own a fleet of trucks or just one car, having adequate insurance protection ensures accidents do not weigh heavily on your business. A simple driver’s mistake could otherwise put your business in financial risk. Auto insurance helps you to avoid some of that risk.

New Jersey Workers Compensation

The state also requires most businesses to have workers compensation. This insurance protect protects your business from lawsuits filed by employees injured on the job. Providing this protection ensures employees get the funds needed after an accident or injury on the job and keeps your business’s doors open, too. With the rising cost of medical care and the number of lawsuits being filed against businesses for on-the-job injuries, this type of service is critical.

Bond Insurance & Types of Bonds

Bond insurance is a guarantee of payment or completion of a service. At KIS, we specialize in several types of bonds; contractor bonds, surety bonds and ERISA bonds. A surety bond is a three way contract (between a principal, the surety and an obligee) that guarantees the principal will act in accordance to terms to an obligee. A contractor bond is a form of surety bond that protects a municipality against financial loss if a contractor fails to complete a job or meet contractual specifications. ERISA bonds, created by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) of 1974, protect health and retirement plans from fraud and dishonesty.