Finding An Insurance Agency In Gloucester County, NJ

About Gloucester County, NJ

Keller Insurance Services have operated in Gloucester County for 36 years, meeting the insurance needs of thousands of companies and individuals in the Gloucester County area.

Gloucester County is located in the state of New Jersey, with a county seat in Woodbury. The latest Census, conducted in 2019, estimated a population of 291,636 people.

Atlantic City is just northwest of the county, with Philadelphia to the south. Gloucester County belongs to the Camden, New Jersey Metropolitan Division, covering 337.18 square miles in total.

Two of the earliest settlements in NJ were Bridgeport and Swedesboro, which were part of the New Sweden colony in the 17th century.

Gloucester County was officially formed back in 1686 and then declared as part of West Jersey in 1694. Portions were later set off to become Camden County and Atlantic County.

The local economy in Gloucester County NJ

Gloucester is a thriving county of over 12,000 companies and plenty of potential for small business growth.

The local economy in Gloucester County NJ is a diverse mix of many industries, including commercial enterprise, new tech businesses, manufacturing, agriculture, and more.

Growing businesses need top-notch insurance solutions, which is why Keller’s insurance agency is such an important part of the community. We are proud to offer quality support for the local businesses in Gloucester County.

Besides the bustling economy, Gloucester County has much to offer, including plenty of activities to entertain tourists. Visitors love to enjoy the South Jersey wine trail or take a walking tour to marvel at the Victorian architecture.

How does Keller Insurance Services help businesses and individuals?

Keller Insurance Services helps local businesses by providing excellent insurance options, to protect investments and support growth.

Our insurance agency in Gloucester County NJ also offers insurance for individuals. Our various services include:

Auto Insurance

Residents of Jersey need the right kind of auto insurance coverage to protect their vehicles, and Keller Insurance has the expertise to deliver.

Our team of talented insurance agents can help you to find a package that meets your needs, whether that’s minimum coverage or comprehensive coverage.

Flood Insurance

For residents of New Jersey, flooding is a constant possibility, which is why it’s important to protect your property and your family.

Flood insurance packages often vary, depending on your location in Gloucester NJ. With the help of our highly experienced insurance professionals, you’ll get the perfect insurance cover for you.

Business Insurance

Keller Insurance Services can provide you with the coverage you need, at an affordable price. As an independent agency, we work for your business, offering support to locate the best coverage, from multiple providers.

We can help your business to find the right Commercial General Liability Insurance or Commercial Property Insurance. We also offer a New Jersey Business Owner Package, allowing you to access multiple types of cover, at one fixed rate.

Group Health Benefits

Keller Insurance Services provide an all-in-one insurance package for Employee Benefits, Commercial Insurance, Payroll, HR, and Benefits Communications.

Keller’s also provides Health Insurance options for individuals. We’ve helped numerous families in Gloucester County to find the best rates and put their health first.

Medical expenses are a frequent cause of bankruptcy in the USA, which is why it’s vital to find the right protection.

Along with these options, Keller Insurance Services provides Bond Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Personal Umbrella Insurance, and Worker’s Compensation Insurance in NJ.

Which types of businesses does Keller Insurance Services support?

Keller Insurance Services supports a diverse range of businesses, including plumbers, snow removal businesses, landscapers, and retail stores.

Keller’s services are also here to support homeowners, providing insurance coverage to financially protect your assets. Our knowledgeable agents can explain why homeowners insurance is important, and help you find the best options.

Our insurance agency in Gloucester County NJ, supports the local community in many different ways. Whether you’re a startup or an established business looking for a new solution, we can help.

Why do businesses need the right insurance cover?

No matter which type of industry you operate in, General Liability Insurance is essential.

If your company is sued, for accidental damages or incidents, it’s important to have cover. Examples include instances of property damage, bodily injury, personal injury, or medical bills.

According to Forbes, “Statistics show that somewhere between 36%-53% of small businesses are involved in at least one litigation in any given year and 90% of all businesses are engaged in litigation at any given time.”

Business insurance policies vary, and the type of cover you need will depend on your industry and operations.

There are many different types of business insurance, and Keller Insurance Services can offer expert advice, to help you find the coverage that’s most suitable.

Why choose Keller Insurance Services?

There are plenty of benefits to purchasing with Keller Insurance Services:

We put clients first

Keller Insurance Services are proud to be an insurance company with a difference. We only do business with ‘A’ rated carriers, and we don’t use brokers only direct contracts or middlemen.

Operating in this way allows us to do what is best for the client, and provide a top-quality service.

We are a highly experienced agency

Keller Insurance is a family-owned agency. As we deliver on our client’s needs, we strive to treat them as part of the family too.

Robert Keller has worked as an insurance agent since back in 1979, and Theodore Keller, since 2001. The rest of our team includes plenty of highly experienced agents, delivering an amazing service every time.

We make insurance simple and affordable

Keller Insurance services strive to be the best insurance agency in Gloucester County NJ. We aim to make insurance easy and affordable, whether you’re a business or a homeowner.

With 24/7 billing and an online service, insurance solutions have never been simpler. For more information about our full range of insurance services, reach out to us today.