Homeowners Insurance in NJ

The Facts About New Jersey Home Insurance

When you are planning to purchase a home in the Mantua, New Jersey area, it is important to understand the facts about coverage and the plans that are available. Residents of Mickelton and Mullica should protect a home from common problems with a standard or comprehensive homeowner’s coverage plan.

Basics of Coverage

Purchasing homeowners insurance in New Jersey means that you are protecting your home from five common problems such as damage to the building, loss of use, damage to other buildings on the property, personal liability or medical payments to others.

Damage to the building is the largest percentage of the coverage plan and claims of larger amounts are often granted. If you have damage to a garage on the property, then you will have a certain percentage of your coverage amount to repair the damage. Loss of use occurs when your home is not habitable for any reason, such as a gas leak that is being repaired or hail damage that took off your roof. Injuries to others on your property, whether you personally hurt them or they were hurt in an accident, are also covered to a certain percentage of the policy.

Additional Protection

The key consideration when you compare home insurance options online or with an independent agent is the clauses or exceptions. For example, the policy may not cover flood damage, so you will need additional protection against flooding. Read the policy carefully to determine if you need additional protection on your plan.
Although many plans and policies are similar, it is important to compare quotes with the help of an independent agency like Keller Insurance Services. Comparing quotes allows you to find the best rates and coverage for your needs. To learn more about home protection or get professional help, contact us to speak to an independent agent.