Personal Umbrella Insurance NJ

The Facts about New Jersey Personal Umbrella Insurance

There’s no question that America is quite litigious, and fighting a lawsuit is expensive, so it’s essential to have an umbrella policy that provides additional coverage, above and beyond your current homeowners and auto insurance policies, in the event that you are sued or are held responsible for an accident that costs more than your other policies will pay out in damages.

Let’s say a visitor to your home trips on a crack in the driveway. He falls, breaks his arm and is off of work for two months while undergoing physical therapy. If the total costs amount to $20,000 but your homeowner’s insurance policy has a limit of $10,000 per accident, then you’re responsible for paying the extra $10,000. Not many people have that much money sitting in an emergency fund, so it’s necessary to liquidate some of your personal assets such as investments, retirement savings, property and valuables. However, if you have an umbrella liability policy in place, that will step in and pay the $10,000 difference for you. Umbrella insurance coverage is not too expensive and, if you’re in the Mantua, Mullica or Mickelton, New Jersey areas, Keller Insurance Services can provide you with a number of comparative quotes from top insurance companies in America in just a few minutes. You’ll be able to find the least expensive one that meets your individual needs.

Don’t let yourself get caught in a costly situation by not having enough insurance; contact the friendly folks at your independent agency in Mantua, New Jersey today. We take the time to assess your current insurance policies and help you determine the correct umbrella insurance policy for you. We can help you understand how the coverage works and are on hand to answer any questions you have once the policy is in place.