The Hidden Dangers of Not Having Commercial Insurance

Every day, people around the world are driving for work. It can be as simple as taking a personal car to make sales calls for work or it can be driving a large commercial vehicle for deliveries. If you are not covered with commercial insurance you may be in trouble. There are hidden risks that people who drive for work do not realize and often can get stuck with a hefty bill. 

The hidden danger of not having commercial insurance is to think that your personal auto insurance will cover any damages. Often, if you are in an accident while driving for work, your personal auto insurance will not be enough. It can be dangerous relying on a personal insurance policy that will not be enough in the event of an accident. Commercial insurance is designed to protect the worker and should be purchased by the company to cover the employees. By having commercial insurance, you will not be blindsided by bills for personal damage, property damage to your own belongings or other people’s belongings, or for any medical or hospitalization bills. Plus, commercial insurance policies are completely customizable to ensure that you get just the right amount of coverage for just the right amount of employees. 

The residents of West Deptford, NJ understand how important it is to be protected in the work place and know that they want to have their employees protected from any accidents that may occur while driving at work.  If you feel that you may need to be commercially insured, be sure to ask your employer or reach out to the experts. To help understand what hidden dangers you may be at risk for, contact the professionals at Keller Insurance Services. Proudly serving the people of West Deptford, NJ, Keller Insurance Services promises a transparent answer to your most difficult questions. 

Insurance Requirements for Motor Vehicles in the State of New Jersey

Every vehicle in the State of New Jersey must be insured, and they must have certain types of coverage to meet the state’s minimum standards. Drivers must also carry proof that they have the coverage set in place, and it applies to every vehicle in the state of New Jersey.

State Minimum Requirements

Every driver in the State of New Jersey is required to have the following types of insurance coverage:

•    Liability coverage – Pays any damage to another person’s vehicle if the accident was your fault.
•    Personal injury protection (PIP) – Pays any medical expenses for you and anyone else who was involved in the accident.
•    Uninsured motorist coverage – Will protect you if you were involved in an accident with a driver who doesn’t have the state required coverage.

If you want to purchase a policy that meets the standards that have been laid out by the state of New Jersey, Keller Insurance Services in West Deptford NJ has agents who would be more than happy to help you. Just get in touch with someone at our office, and we can find a plan that will meet your needs and fit your budget.

State Required Documents

Every driver is required to carry proof that they have the right coverage, and insurance companies must provide the right documentation once you have purchased a policy. You need to have this documentation available, especially in the following circumstances:

•    Before your vehicle undergoes a state inspection
•    When you’re involved in an accident
•    When you have been stopped for a traffic violation
•    When you have been stopped by a police officer during a spot check

You could be fined if you fail to present these documents when they’re needed.

If you live in West Deptford, NJ and need to get an auto insurance policy, Keller Insurance Services can help you get the coverage you need. Just reach out to someone at our office, and an agent will be glad to speak with you!

Are Firearms Covered Under Home Owner Insurance Policies?

If you legally own a firearm, you may wonder if the firearm is covered under your home insurance policy. Here is some information you need to know about firearms and home insurance policies.

Legally-Owned Guns are Covered Up to a Certain Amount

If you legally own a gun, that gun is covered under your home insurance policy. But the value of the coverage varies from one policy to another. In some cases, your gun may be worth more than the policy value is. In this case, you will want a supplemental policy, just like you would with expensive jewelry or art, to ensure your item is fully covered in the event of fire, theft or another unexpected event. Always ask an insurance carrier how much coverage they provide for firearms and ensure it is noted in writing somewhere in your policy.

Guns are Covered As Long As All Laws are Being Followed

Your comprehensive coverage may protect you if your gun accidently goes off, harming someone in your home. However, all laws must be followed in order for your comprehensive coverage to kick in. If your gun is not registered, you won’t be protected. If your gun is supposed to be stored in a safe or away from children and was not, you may not be covered. As such, it is important that you learn all gun control and storage laws in the greater West Deptford, NJ area to ensure you are covered in the event the unimaginable happens.

If you have any other questions about your home insurance policy or are in the market for a new one, give Keller Insurance Services, serving the greater West Deptford, NJ area, a phone call today. Our professional insurance brokers are standing by to answer your questions, determine what coverage you need and give you a free price quote.

Important steps to take when someone is injured in your home

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to keep your home safe for guests so that they are not injured. However, we all know accidents happen and that is why you carry a homeowners insurance policy in the first place. There are important steps you should take if someone is injured in your home.

The first step is obvious, make sure you get the injured person the medical attention they need. If it is serious call an ambulance or for minor incidents, you can take them to a doctor’s office in the West Deptford, NJ area.

Once the person has been placed in the hands of a medical professional, you will want to decide if you should call the police. Obviously, this decision will be based largely on the nature of your relationship with the injured party. We recommend calling the police anytime it is a person that you do not know well or a third party contractor you have hired. This allows each party to make a statement on the record so it will not be he said she said later. The police may also be able to take pictures of the injuries.

You will want to take photos of the area where the injury occurred, this will help show the condition of the property in the future.

Now it is time to call your insurance agent at Keller Insurance Services and let them know about the incident. They will send a formal notice to the insurance carrier. Your agent will go over the incident with you and take down any information that may be important. They will also let you know if you should take additional actions.

If you would like to learn more about homeowners insurance contact Keller Insurance Services, we proudly serve the West Deptford, NJ area.


Top Tire Maintenance Tips

As a car owner, it is very important to perform regular tire maintenance. Regular tire maintenance will keep you safe on the roads and will reduce the likelihood of having to file a claim against your insurance policy. Like anything in life, regular maintenance will also save you time and money in the long run. Below are the three most important tire maintenance items that should be completed regularly.

You need to check your tread to see if it is worn down and have it repaired or replace the tire as needed. The best way to test your tread is the penny test. Take a penny and stick it in the tread with the head face down. If you can see Lincoln’s head you should go ahead and make an appointment to replace your tires at your local West Deptford, NJ auto repair shop.

Another important maintenance item is keeping your tires properly inflated. When tires are under inflated they tend to wear down more quickly. Also, under inflated tires are more likely to have a blowout especially on less than perfect roads. You should check your tires monthly and keep them filled per the owner’s manual. In addition, it is important to keep in mind that weather effects the air in the tire so pay extra attention when it is very cold or hot.

As a car owner, you will also need to rotate your tires regularly. Tire rotation keeps the tread from wearing too quickly and will improve the car’s overall performance. We at Keller Insurance Services recommend having the tires rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles.

If you are interested in learning more about tire or other auto maintenance tips, reach out to Keller Insurance Services, we proudly serve the West Deptford, NJ area.


Insuring a Shared Car in NJ

If you live in West Deptford, NJ, then you may have discovered that a lot of what you need is in walking distance, and if it’s not, a bicycle or the bus will get you to most places you’re going. But not everywhere. Rather than buying a car for yourself, an alternative may be to share a car with a friend or a roommate. There are some tricky issues to manage, of course, like paperwork and insurance, but it’s doable if you trust your co-owner. Here’s what you need to know when insuring a co-owned car:

  • Only Drivers Need To Be Insured

If you have a co-owner for different reasons besides sharing a car, then you typically do not need to put both owners on the policy. But…

  • All Drivers Must Be On The Policy

Anyone who actually drives the car will need to be listed on the policy. This isn’t an instance where the honor system counts.

  • Your Premium Takes Every Driver Into Account

Your premium will be based on every registered owner who drives the car, and you will be paying a little more than you would with a single-driver car. But, split two, three ways, that might not be so bad.

  • Listed and Permissive Drivers

A listed driver is one listed on the policy, a permissive driver is, for example, a wife or husband who can be expected to drive the car now and then. Both are covered unless the policy specifically disallows permissive drivers, but your coverage is better for a listed driver than a permissive driver.

If you’re looking for joint insurance for a co-owned car, contact Keller Insurance Services and get set up with some free quotes.

Is Home Insurance Really Necessary?

So you have made a huge investment and purchased a home in or near West Deptford, NJ? That is a wonderful accomplishment, but now you are trying to determine if you should purchase home insurance or not. Home insurance is just as important as buying the home itself, and these are just some of the reasons to consider purchasing it:

  • Home insurance can protect you in the case of a fire or other disaster. There is no way to predict whether or not this will ever happen to you but having a home insurance can pay for the repairs as well as provide you money for shelter during the repairs, if necessary. Your policy should also protect other structures on your property such as a storage building or a separated garage. 
  • Home insurance can provide liability protection if someone gets hurt on your property. If there is ever an accident on your property and someone gets injured, whether it was something that you could have prevented or not, your home insurance will provide protection in case they decide to sue you. It will pay for the medical bills as well as any judgments against you, so you do not have to. 
  • Home insurance can protect your personal belongings inside. Just like your home insurance policy protects your home, it also protects anything that you have inside the home. If they are lost in a fire or are stolen during a break-in, you will be provided the funds to replace them. 

If you are looking for a home insurance policy or even want us to take a look at your current policy, be sure to contact Keller Insurance Services, serving West Deptford, NJ, today. We will be happy to get you some quotes and find something that fits your budget. 

3 Tips For Filing An Auto Claim

Accidents happen in West Deptford, NJ all the time. Whether you are behind the wheel or it happened when your car is parked somewhere, you need to file an auto claim. There are several tips to help you so that insurance companies get the information they need and you get the repairs that you desire.

Report Immediately

Often, people try and wait to file an auto claim because they don’t know whether they want their car repaired or not. However, you want to report immediately so that there aren’t issues when you do finally get around to it. Also, if another driver was involved in the accident, you want to be sure that is you filing the claim as opposed to the other party. At Keller Insurance Services, we often recommend calling the insurance company from the scene of the crime. This way, if additional information is required, you can give it to them on the spot.

Stay Organized

You need to try and stay as organized as possible. This includes maintaining photos, documents, and everything else that has to do with the auto claim. You may talk to several people within the insurance company as well. You should write down their names and extensions in case there are issues down the road.

Get the Appraisal

An insurance company will tell you where to go for your appraisal in West Deptford, NJ. This is something you want to do as quickly as possible. It will allow the appraiser to determine exactly how much damage there was. Once the appraisal is in, you can then pay the deductible and get the car repaired. Although you don’t have to get the repair right away, the appraisal will help to close out the case.

Learn more about filing an auto claim and how to get affordable auto insurance by contacting us at Keller Insurance Services today.



How to Make Your Roof Last Longer

Whether the roof of your home in West Deptford, NJ is brand new or has some years on it, there are a few things you can do to help it last the longest time possible.  A new roof is expensive and some regular maintenance to keep it in good shape can prolong its life.  Here are a few maintenance tips to make your roof last longer.

  • Clogged gutters can not only ruin paint, siding, and pool in the basement, overflow can also go upward and lead to sheathing and rot in the roofing or roof rafters.  Clean the gutters out in the spring and fall to keep water flowing properly.
  • If the shape of your roof allows for leaves to collect in certain areas, they will begin to trap moisture and gradually decompose the roof material.   Clear accumulated leaves from the roof, but do not use a pressure washer because it can force them under shingles.
  • Some roofing materials will begin growing moss, which traps water.  If this happens, the moss will need to be killed before removal, and then zinc strips will prevent it from returning.
  • Trim tree branches from hanging over the roof because they can eventually damage shingles, as well as provide easy access for rodents.
  • Remove heavy snow with a roof rake before it freezes to the roof.
  • After a heavy wind or hail storm, look for loose, curling, or missing shingles.  Also look for damaged flashing around chimneys, skylights, and vents.

Keller Insurance Services

The friendly, experienced agents at Keller Insurance Services want to make sure your home in West Deptford, NJ has the financial protection you need.  Contact one of our agents today, and we will help you create a homeowner’s insurance policy to protect your investment.

Repair Your Windshield and Protect Your Family’s Safety

How long have you been staring at that chip in your windshield? Have you ever wondered if it would expand from the slightly alarming ding to an all-out crack? It could, just when you are driving around West Deptford, NJ creating a preventable hazard to you, your family and others sharing the road. Keller Insurance Services wants to remind you that getting your windshield repaired can be money and life-saving.

Most Policies Cover Windshield Repairs

Driving with unimpaired vision is crucial to keeping our roads safe. Thus getting your windshield replaced has been made super simple.  Make an appointment with a qualified windshield repair and replacement service, have your car and insurance information at hand and how you think the windshield got chipped. The repair shop will call your insurance company and the claim is often processed without any wait. Repairs can be completed almost anywhere–at home, at work or even a mall parking lot.  You pick the place and time.

Repairs Save You Money

How does it save you money when your insurance policy will likely cover it without any out of pocket expense? By having your windshield fixed instead of replaced, you just saved the insurance company hundreds of dollars. When you help them save, your premiums stay lower.  And you avoid losing the use of your car for a day because the chip turned into a giant blinding crack. No car rental, tow or even an accident to report.

While getting your vehicle repaired is often expensive and time-consuming in the West Deptford, NJ area, getting your windshield fixed is not. For more tips on how to keep your vehicle safe while watching pennies, reach out to the friendly agents at Keller Insurance Services. They’ll be glad to help.