Effects of Family Size on Health Insurance

The first step when purchasing health insurance coverage is ensuring that you get the ideal coverage to protect your entire family and ensure it suits your stage of life. No matter the size of your family, Keller Insurance Services has you covered. We have the ideal health insurance coverage for each family size, and we can help West Deptford, NJ residents determine which policy will work best for you after listening to your specific family needs.

Does family size affect your health insurance?

The size of your family does not always determine what you spend on your bills. A healthy family of ten people could pay less than a young family of 3 people with chronic health conditions. However, when it comes to health insurance premiums, the number of people in your family affects how you pay.

How are premiums affected?

When you add a spouse or a child in your health insurance plan, it goes without saying that the premiums paid will go up. This is because you have to pay charges for each person included in the plan. However, the age of the children matters too. For example, if you have two children who are over 21 years and they are included in the plan, you will be required to pay charges for each child unlike a person without any child over 21 years.

Individual health plan versus family health insurance plan

An individual insurance plan means that the policy protects only a single person while family plan includes two or more family members. Also, when it comes to deductibles, a family plan’s deductible is twice that of an individual.

The bottom line is, although family size does not affect the cost of hospital bills, it has effects on the premiums paid for your plan. To understand more on the impact of family size on health insurance in West Deptford, NJ, contact Keller Insurance Services and let us educate more on the same and help you choose the right policy for your family.

Is Standard Auto Insurance The Same As A Commercial Vehicle Indemnity Plan?

You own a vehicle and drive around town often. There are occasions where you conduct business using your car or truck. Does that mean that you need commercial auto insurance? Possibly. Of course, an agent at Keller Insurance Services can help you determine the best auto indemnity plan in West Deptford, New Jersey. 

Personal Auto Insurance

All drivers, for the most part, must have some sort of automobile insurance if they plan to operate a vehicle in the city. Such policies usually protect drivers and their passengers from financial loss in the instance of an accident. The average personal insurance plan is obtained by providing the vehicle identification number (VIN) along with the names and ages of all members authorized to operate the car or truck in question. Of course, you will need to provide the year, make, and model of the vehicle before a quote can be provided. 

Personal auto insurance does not cover accidents or damages incurred during business-related trips. The moment that you tell your indemnity company that you were delivering products to a client is the second that they inform you cannot make a claim for your wrecked car. You stand to lose a lot of money by trying to use your personal insurance plan for both business and pleasure. 

Commercial Auto Assurance

Life becomes less stressful when you are doing the right thing. Commercial insurance for your car or truck is definitely a step in the right direction as it protects your assets if you have an accident while delivering products for your company. Business cars and trucks are usually registered differently from vehicles used for personal use, which is why assurance companies use different tactics to secure quotes. You can certainly expect to pay more for a commercial auto insurance plan than you would for a personal policy. The benefits of having the right insurance, however, outweigh the extra cost. 

Keller Insurance Services can help you find the right indemnity policy for your personal or business automobile in West Deptford, New Jersey. Contact us today for a quote!

3 Steps to Prep Your Property for Flood Season

Home and business owners in the West Deptford, NJ area need to take special care to protect their property during storm seasons. The experts at Keller Insurance Services want you to stay safe. Here are 3 steps to reduce potential damage from floods caused by weather.

  • Check your first aid supplies. Your kit should include refills of any daily medications your family members need, along with bandages, wound cleansing solutions, and other emergency medical supplies. Experts also suggest you keep at least 3 days worth of food and water for each person. This doesn’t have to mean you need to stockpile freeze-dried meals or cans of beans. Keep your cupboards stocked with your favorite chilies, soups, and dried goods. This strategy allows easy rotation without wasting money on food you may never eat. Blankets, pet carriers, and emergency communication devices like two-way radios are also good things to add to your supplies.
  • Secure your home. When the news warns of approaching inclement weather, every minute you waste could mean tons of expensive damage to your property. If your area is traditionally prone to flooding, you may want to prepare sandbags early in the season. As soon as you receive a warning, begin laying sandbags around the perimeter of your property. Carry furniture and other items to higher floors or elevate them as high as possible. Secure anything that can’t be carried away to solid objects using chains or bungee cords.
  • Develop an emergency plan. Do your employees or family members know what to do if they are caught in rising flood waters? Make a plan that details how everyone should act to keep themselves safe during a flood. Designate a gathering spot so everyone can be accounted for. Post written copies of the plan. Run practice drills to ensure everyone understands the plan.

The insurance experts at Keller Insurance Services can help you decide if your current flood coverage can truly help you recover from a catastrophic loss. Contact our representatives in the West Deptford, NJ area today.

What is Covered by Motorcycle Insurance

Driving a motorcycle can be a very fun experience.  While owning a motorcycle can be fun and exciting, it is also a valuable asset that needs to be properly covered by insurance.  For those in the West Deptford, NJ area, a full motorcycle insurance will provide several different types of coverage.  

Liability Insurance

The first type of coverage that you will get with motorcycle insurance is liability coverage.  Liability coverage under the policy will provide you with coverage if you are at fault in an accident.  The minimum requirements vary by state.  In New Jersey the minimum motorcycle insurance coverage is medical coverage of at least $15,000 per person and $30,000 per incident as well as $5,000 for property damage.  

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

While liability motorcycle insurance will provide you with coverage for the other party, it will not cover your bike or injuries if you are at fault in the accident.  To get your losses covered, you will need collision coverage that will provide you with bodily injury coverage for yourself as well as coverage for your motorcycle.  This will also provide you with coverage if you are determined to be not at fault in an accident, but the at fault party does not have coverage.  

Comprehensive Coverage

A full motorcycle insurance will provide you with comprehensive coverage as well.  This type of coverage will provide you with insurance in the event your motorcycle is stolen, vandalized, damaged by a storm, or if you are involved in an accident with an animal.  

For those that are in the West Deptford, NJ area and shopping for motorcycle insurance, a great place to start your search would be with Keller Insurance Services.  Keller Insurance Services will be able to help you understand your motorcycle insurance needs and provide you with a free quote for a great policy.  

Benefits of Obtaining Boat Insurance

Whether you have been an avid boater for years, or are just starting to think about buying a boat, it is vital that you become familiar with the advantages of boat insurance from West Deptford, NJ, Keller Insurance Services:

Boat insurance will cover property damage

Considering how expensive property damage to a boat may be, one of the substantial benefits of boat insurance includes its capability of providing coverage for this kind of damage. On top of that damage, you also must factor in the expenses related to the transportation of the boat for repair if there is not a skilled boat smith within your area. Those costs quickly can add up yet fortunately, securing boat insurance is going to keep you from financing such steep bills alone.

Boat insurance will provide liability coverage

Similar to the way in which it is possible to hit another car on the road, boaters understand that accidents also can occur in the water, and if you’re deemed at fault for a boat accident involving another watercraft or person, you’ll require liability insurance to assist in covering the damages.

Coverage is very affordable

Like other kinds of coverage, there are different discounts available to boaters who want to secure insurance. Some typical credits applicable to boat insurance involve:

  • Multi-policy discount – most insurance providers will provide discounts if you insure your car and home with the same provider with which you choose to insure a boat.
  • Claims-free credit
  • Radar system credit
  • Ship-to-shore radio credit
  • Credit for completing safety education classes
  • Navigation system credit
  • Watercraft length to horsepower ratio debit/credit
  • Credit for Coast Guard-approved fire extinguishers
  • Diesel engine credit – you might obtain a discount for having diesel-powered watercraft that are less dangerous than gas-powered boats as they’re less likely to explode.

For more information on boat insurance with West Deptford, NJ, Keller Insurance Services call today at 856-464-9899.

Benefits of Purchasing Umbrella Insurance

Most people have the wrong impression of umbrella insurance. They believe that it is only for the rich. The fact is, however, anyone who can earn a livelihood should have umbrella liability coverage. It adds extra protection on your investment in West Deptford, NJ, and Keller Insurance Services is here to offer you with comprehensive umbrella insurance which comes with the following benefits;

Protects you if a visitor gets injured in your compound

Umbrella liability policy provides you with a financial security to pay for not only medical bills when one is injured on your property but also helps you to pay for legal defense fee if the wounded decides to sue you. This is in a case where the liability cost is more than your basic homeowner insurance policy.

Protects you if you are involved in an accident 

In an event where your auto insurance is waxed out, umbrella coverage will cater for the rest of the damages.

It protects you from libel and slander

In a case where you face a lawsuit that is not catered for under home and auto insurance, umbrella liability policy is to help you out. For example, if you are sued for altering or posting offensive stuff on social media, umbrella insurance will cater for the legal expenses and other costs. When sued, even if you win the suit the defense amount can be high, and out-of-pocket legal fee can lead you to bankruptcy real quick.

Having umbrella insurance helps you save a lot and provides you with the peace of mind you need, knowing that all expenses are catered for in a case of an unexpected event. Make a point of buying the coverage without waiting until something goes wrong. If you are in West Deptford, NJ, contact us at Keller Insurance Services, and we will help you understand and learn more about this coverage. We can also offer you with the best policy to see you fully protected.

Are There Benefits to Having Dual Health Insurance Policies?

Here at Keller Insurance Services, serving the West Deptford, NJ area, we sell health insurance policies. People have many questions about health insurance policies. One of the questions that we are frequently asked is whether there are any benefits to having dual health insurance policies, or two or more different health insurance policies that cover the same person. Here is some information you may want to know if you have this question.

What the Benefits Are

There are benefits to having dual health insurance policies. One of the benefits is that if one policy doesn’t cover a treatment or medication, the other policy may. This helps to minimize the number of times you have to pay out-of-pocket for treatment or meds. The other benefit is that if you use up your maximum benefits on one plan, you have another plan you can draw from. 

What the Drawbacks Are

The biggest drawback to having dual insurance is that you have to pay the deductible for both policies before both policies kick in. Secondly, unless you have two policies that are paid for completely by an employer, you are paying for two health insurance policies. Unless you have major medical issues or go over your maximum benefits routinely, paying for two health insurance plans rarely makes sense. 

If you are looking to purchase a health insurance policy, Keller Insurance Services, serving the West Deptford, NJ area, knows that you may have many questions. But we can help navigate you through the process and help you find the best policy. Call us today to schedule an appointment to sit down and discuss your health insurance needs. 

Benefits of a term life insurance policy

Term life insurance is the simplest form of insurance and the easiest to understand. The insurance covers you for a certain amount of time – called the term – and if you die in that period your family will get the proceeds of the policy.  If you outlive the term of the policy, there is no payout. It is also the cheapest form of life insurance, making it good for certain people in certain situations. Keller Insurance services in West Deptford, NJ can help you determine if term insurance is a good for you.

The purpose of life insurance is to replace lost income, so the family will not have undue hardship as a result of a death.  Stay at home parents may also benefit with a policy covering the years when the children are young.  Term policies can also be tied to a mortgage, so you family will not be forced to move out because they can no longer afford the mortgage payments if you are gone. 

There are also permanent life insurance policies and whole life policies that grow in value and pay you back at some point, with interest. These are benefits involving estate planning, while a term insurance policy is more focused just on a specific period of time. This could be a time when you or a member of your family is vulnerable and would be in a great hardship if you were to die.

Another way you might use term life insurance is if you are in a business partnership, and you and your business would be in deep trouble if one of you died. 

Contact Keller Insurance services in West Deptford, NJ, to find out how you might be able to benefit from a term life insurance policy, or any other type of life insurance policy. 

Do Pet Shops Need Commercial Insurance

If you have chosen to open up your own pet shop, it is imperative that you take into account the type of insurance you will need. Operating a pet store can get very hectic, and there are lots of supplies you will want to protect from damage and theft. Insurance is a great way to provide this protection. What you must keep in mind, though, is that there are various types of insurance for you to invest in, and depending on your exact needs, one type of policy may prove more advantageous than another type. 

Types of Insurance for Pet Stores

A general liability policy is a type of commercial insurance that will provide protection for a variety of events. This type of policy is of immense value because it tends to cover events that aren’t specifically listed in the policy, such as advertising liability. 

A business owner’s policy is a bit more extensive. It will likely cover everything from your buildings and contents to your business income. There is no major difference in the cost of these types of policies. It all depends on the specifics of your policy and your business’ history. As with any type of insurance, the more claims you make, the more likely it is that your insurance premiums will be higher. 

It is always important to speak with a qualified insurance professional to learn more about the best type of insurance for your pet store. A thorough assessment performed by a qualified agent can lead to a much better understanding of the type of insurance that will suit your business best. Contact Keller Insurance Services serving the West Deptford, NJ today to learn more. 

Do Singles Need Life Insurance?

As a young single, you may consider life insurance unnecessary at this stage of your life. After all, life insurance is geared toward protecting couples and families in the event a spouse should suddenly pass on. Contrary to what you may think, life insurance has much to offer single adults. Here are a few ways singles can benefit from a life insurance policy from Keller Insurance Services in West Deptford, NJ.

Provides Financial Support for Surviving Family

Spouses and children are not the only ones who can benefit from life insurance benefits after you’re gone. Life insurance benefits from a life insurance policy can provide financial support for aging parents or siblings or help pay for college expenses of nieces and nephews upon your demise. You can also designate a favorite charity or worthwhile cause as your beneficiary, making a positive contribution to your community. 

Eliminates Debts

Life insurance benefits can help pay off student loans, mortgage on a house, credit card debts, car loan, etc. after you’re gone, making it easier for remaining family to settle your estate. These benefits can also help cover the cost of funeral expenses so your loved ones don’t have to bear this burden. If you own a business with a partner, death benefits can help cover your share of business debts, enabling your partner to carry on.   

Locks in Affordable Rates

Obtaining life insurance when you’re young and single enables you to lock in a long term policy at an affordable cost. Low cost life insurance will come in handy once you get married and start a family. Your loved ones will have the protection they need in the event of your sudden demise.

To learn more about life insurance and all it has to offer, contact a Keller Insurance Services agent in West Deptford, NJ today.